Richardson Farms

Every year, almost immediately after harvesting our last plot, we start the process of planning what we will grow and evaluate next year. That is what farming is all about and that is what Richardson Farms is all about—our commitment to supporting and promoting Canadian agriculture. With all the new products and technologies entering the market, we are excited to test them in real life situations across Western Canada. However, what matters is not always about new technologies or the latest farm equipment. Sometimes, it is simply about considering crop rotation, row spacing and plant populations.

Field Tour at Kelburn Farm

Our ability to do this depends on the two research and demonstration farms we own and operate in Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Kelburn Farm (700 acres) south of Winnipeg and Bennett Farm (600 acres) east of Regina. It is on these farms and through a combination of small plot research equipment and large scale commercial farming equipment that we examine new varieties, harvest management/straight cutting, disease management, fertilizer formulation, application techniques and rates, as well as a host of other trials. These processes and practices enable us to continuously build our knowledge base, allowing us to better serve our farm customers.

The results that we share here are only a piece of the puzzle. We believe that there needs to be a more inclusive approach to analyzing farm data. Every farm is different and every year we are faced with different environmental factors. We encourage you to consider results from across the west, as well as what has been done close to home. If one of our methods looks like it is worth trying, try it on your farm. We cannot predict what the weather will be like next year, or the specific performance from various products or techniques we have evaluated, but we can give you a better base of information to start from.

Field Tour at Bennett Farm

We truly believe that the best place to learn is on your own farm with your own equipment so that you can uniquely tailor your experience and expertise to your farm’s potential.

Through Richardson Results, we are proud to have our team of experts provide you with a vetted starting point to help you get the most out of your next growing season.